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'So long as an artistic collaboration remains in its infant stages, it's usually best to hold back on the hyperbole. However, that said, it's tricky to repress the excitement when it comes to the below betwixt seminal Swedish vocalist Neneh Cherry and London siblings Benjamin and Tom Page, aka RocketNumberNine, not least as next year’s Blank Project full-length has been produced by none other than Kieran Hebden, anonym Four Tet.

Indeed, it’s a project I first became enlivened by at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards last January, the trio combining live onstage in Hebden’s absence. And it has thus taken some time for anything material to come of this particular collusion, although if they’re to project such excellence onto Blank Project as they do the below title track, well, the wait will’ve been instantaneously vindicated. Built about Ben’s typically broody swells of malevolent synth and brother Tom’s archetypally impressionistic jazz rhythms, unforgiving as the musical maelstrom they contrive, Cherry starts to snarl: “Too many times you come crawling, say sorry to me/ Paper cut regrets will not stick, better change.” Without question, this one sticks alright, and the ascent begins here.’

Blank Project is anticipated February 25th on Smalltown Supersound.

‘“Somebody turned out the lights too soon” Sarah Linhares plaintively exhales on Breathe Deeply, a stark early standout from Tyneside trip hop practitioner Cuttooth although if anything, his star and with it stock is only rising all the while. Real name Nick Cooke, if the North East may not yet be renowned for its wet wipe-fresh downtempo electronica then all that may be about to change, as Nick continues to carve out incisive cuts of truly outstanding calibre. Here, tonally plush ambient hues bleed seductively into Linhares’ flawless vocal to etch a beguiling vibrancy into a once vapid canvas, and one which now more or less resembles the smokiest waft of intense refinement Neneh Cherry has as yet failed to contrive. Reet winsome…’

'I've always perceived it to be healthy to act wary of more established artists lending their name to lesser endeavours, given that for every Pick a Piper there’s approximately eleven Box Codax to unpack. Though the collaborative coming together of freeform norf London duo RocketNumberNine and British electronica bigwig Four Tet has recurrently proven a providential match. Whether that be Metropolis, Roseland or indeed live, Hebden and the brothers Page have always made for a fine partnership and the same can again be said of ‘em as Kieran fixes up the keenly sharpened, expressive rhythms of Rotunda with auxiliary vim and skipping glitch. So fruitful is this form of ongoing collaboration that I’d go so far as to suggest you’d begin to worry were the three pioneers to curtail the intense affiliation any time soon…’

RocketNumberNine release their début full-length MeYouWeYou May 21st via Smalltown Supersound.

'Brace yourselves, 'cause there's a newbie from Four Tet out there. And, bang on an off-kilt Monday cue, it’s an utter banger. Quite when it was pieced together I’ve no idea – whether at last releasing that collaborative 12” alongside London duo RocketNumberNine what we’ve been banging on about incessantly for weeks now or selling out Heaven, Kieran Hebden’s been a busy thing thus far this year – but we’re supremely thankful For These Times is now. Featured on Al “Boddika” Green’s latest compilation Think And Change, and therefore released via Nonplus Records as opposed to Hebden’s very own Text imprint it makes for an incendiary, club-ready throwdown the like of which we’ve lacked from his samplers and other such machinery of late.

Though he can be seen haphazardly shoved in a Suit & Tie above, for he has so too reworked the ol’ Justin Timberlake track of that same name. I’ve quite concertedly yet to indulge in the original take, though Hebden’s version is reliably groovy and, as anticipated, irrefutably great – a heady blend of Talabot-like Balearic beat and surround sound samples that whir from one ear to t’other like glimmering maniacal lights shimmering in an unprecedentedly pop sheen. Button that one up below.’

DOWNLOAD: Justin Timberlake, Suit & Tie (Four Tet Remix).

Both Think And Change and TEXT023 are out now.