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'As the celebratory blips and pieces of Polaroyced subside, Werner gingerly mumbles thanks into an iPhone app and they recede from whence they came. However their impression is lasting; their impact remarkable: for while other electronica kinds trace small steps toward inevitable disintegration, Mouse on Mars continue to hop from one of its innumerable subgenres and then onto its most stylistically far-flung, making giant leaps toward an ever-intriguing future all the while.’

Dots & Dashes review German electronica stalwarts Mouse on Mars in Shoreditch catacombs…

Mouse on Mars, Village Underground, 20th April 2012.

There’s no doubting Lewisham’s Kwes. is more than just a little reticent, with live shows (one/ two) providing a lesson in a genuinely endearing humility. It therefore makes striking sense for the first track to reach the ears of t’internet from forthcoming debut Warp EP Meantime (April 30th) to go by the name of Bashful: a potent whiff of contorted wonk pop, the track for the most part sounds like Mouse on Mars re-envisaging Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name, and if Kwesi Sey is continuing to compete with issues re: confidence in his singing voice (the prerequisite “necessary evil” of his predicament), it provides evident demonstration that he has absolutely nothing to worry about.