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'Having recently reawakened our senses to his idiosyncratic take on hysterical Cumbia commotion, Chilean mainstay Matias Aguayo preludes the now imminent arrival of his landmark third LP The Visitor with another sprightly burst of ineffably hyper brilliance in the form of Levantate Diegors. Recently ditching his once hallmark minimal dance energies in favour of, well, stuffing his so-called ‘songs’ with as much carnivalesque vibrancy as is metaphysically possible, there’s a highly improvised feel to his latest endeavour – one which assumes the incantatory vibes of Brazilian Embolada and imbues them with a voodoo euphoria equivalently capable of incurring arm-aloft hedonism and sinister introspection as it shuffles almost whimsically between the spirited and the sinister. Although however it may well be perceived at any one point, it proves consummately produced throughout.’

The Visitor is anticipated June 24th via Cómeme, ahead of a date at Plastic People June 27th.

'It's pretty implausible to not go loco for mesmeric Mediterraneana on a day like today, and that’s precisely what we’ve before our baying ears and prying eyes this morning as Chilean maverick Matias Aguayo returns with El Sucu Tucu – a manic ode to a chinchilla-type critter, or so an albeit inaccurate trawl of Google Images may well lead you to believe. Once renowned for his idiosyncratic brand of minimal techno commotion although perhaps most vividly remembered for his featuring as a key ingredient of Battles’ Ice Cream belter from a couple years back, Aguayo here calls upon the synthetic exotic humidities of Bonde do Rolê’s With Lasers and puts his tongue in the proverbial line of fire as it emits a series of esoteric trills, shrieks, and avifaunal chirps. Arriba, etc.’

El Sucu Tucu is taken from Aguayo’s forthcoming The Visitor full-length, which is expected June 24th on Cómeme.

'Over the past few months, individuals and artists from The Field and Gui Boratto to Shabazz Palaces have been reconstituting their choicest cuts from Battles’ brain-meltingly brilliant opus, Gloss Drop. It’s now the turn of Gang Gang Dance or rather, to be more precise, doolally synth wunderkind Brian DeGraw who opts to interpret the Matias Aguayo-featuring Ice Cream. If you’ve been cowering beneath a stone the particles of which were immune to the sublime resonances of the squelchy yet smooth original, it sounds a little something like this. However that was very much very last year and DeGraw’s rework is meanwhile on the cusp of release as it’s set to feature on the fourth and final vinyl instalment of Dross Glop that’s to be released this coming Record Store Day. Hypnotic, tight and tinged with an aloof menace, it’s substantially more refined a slab than the last thing we heard from him…’