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Blog: Hot Chip, Atomic Bomb.

Joe Goddard gives he and Boris Dlugosch’s already monumental summer pump Step Together a dub redux.

'Few could argue against the aesthetically refined talents of Cologne-born, if Berlin-bred wunderkind Marius Lauber, whose honed, Balearically-infused grooves under the guise of Roosevelt have had as many tongues waggling as they have soles shuffling to his idiosyncratically soulful blends in recent times. And, as Lauber unleashes the understatedly invasive Montreal, the disco-dappled standout from his August début EP Elliot, the endearment sensed toward him can only be intensified. Commingling the ebullient bass lines of LCD Soundsystem together with the irrepressible disco inclination of Greco-Roman co-founder Joe Goddard, Lauber’s intriguing concoction further discoloured by a gauzy Mediterranean sheen, it sonically resembles a lost late ’70s 12” edit that’ll doubtless soon become cherished by ever so many.’

Elliot is out now on Greco-Roman.

'Having combined with Hamburg house lynchpin Boris Dlugosch on Taking Over track Step Together earlier on in the year, it almost felt as though the frighteningly consistent Joe Goddard had somewhat let down me, and you, and everyone we know with a disco blitz that, if nothing else, was rather unremarkable. Well, mercifully, Hot Chip’s resident ‘Bear’ here rephrases said ditty for an alternate take, stripping the original of its laboured lyrics of familial resilience and “social networks” to instead hulk it up with amplified bass wallop, frenetic Afrobeat fever, and the meatiest build west of Hamburg. At last it therefore sounds as though Goddard and Dlugosch are now stepping out in honed synchrony.’

Taking Over is available now on Greco-Roman.