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'It was long gone midnight last weekend that souf London troop Hot Chip so emphatically proved they could kick it with the indie gentry, as they brought this year’s Primavera Sound to a rollicking conclusion all of their own accord. The weather was a little more blustery than anticipated, though their hour was more or less smoothness itself. And yet with one-off single Dark & Stormy, the toddler-friendly techno gurus channel a purposeful, and so too propulsive erraticism that’s turbulent as it is positively terrific. It begins amid a blur of seemingly Devo-inspired elastane avant-garde, before building up a head of steam and transmuting into a mesmeric slab of huge magnificence compellingly repetitive as Over and Over. “When you’re feelin’ dark and stormy/ Let me sing a song for you/ In your room a forest grew/ Walk through and lift your blues” soothes Joe Goddard, the protuberant bass of Hold On and disco-gilded stabs of guitar then thrust into the melting pot via the mixing desk. Though it’s Alexis Taylor’s strangely emancipatory chorus which really elevates the single, as the bespectacled electro Maharishi forcefully insists: “We made our own luck/ Nobody helped us/ We’ll make our own luck/ Outrun the sadness.” There’s a forever inviting, and with it convincing timbre to his vocal, it in turn evoking sensations of trepidation and eventual terror as he quizzes as to whether we’re “living with disease.” Yet unsettling as this final salvo may initially sound, Dark & Stormy ultimately proves another infectious number soon to surely become exceedingly contagious.’

Dark & Stormy is anticipated July 22nd on Domino.

Hot Chip are busier than broiling french fries jittering about in the fryolator at the minute, with Alexis Taylor diverging to combine with Justus Köhncke for the newfangled Fainting by Numbers project and a continuation of their mind-bogglingly protracted In Our Heads tour penned in for this year’s Primavera Sound. And into all that may now be factored an ebullient rework of the immediate highlight from Foals’ subtly incendiary recent Holy Fire release: trading in the blippy guitars of My Number for bloopy arpeggios meticulously pinned to a plush ambient backdrop which turns hot ‘n’ house-y a minute or so in, it’s another number that’s well worth the knowing.’

Foals play two sold out Royal Albert Hall shows in a single day March 28th.

'Alexis Taylor has long since been something of an unorthodox heartthrob – perpetually gawky, although recurrently heartwarming and with that, reliably reassuring. And whether it be with Hot Chip, About Group or owt else, his studied output has been consistently exceptional. The trend comes to continue with a newfangled collaboration with Cologne techno nut Justus Köhncke (a name which may ping a few sampled bells, given his recent soundtrack work with Irmin Schmidt of Can) as the duo combine to create under the guise of Fainting by Numbers. A pun on an artform renowned for its absolute artlessness, there’s a commensurate simplicity to opening gambit A Stone In The Ground, though in simplicity here resides an intricate kind of excellence: a slowly smouldering, prototypal ballad of sorts Taylor’s deadpan vocal laments a breakdown in relations. “I thought you were easy to find/ You are now hard to find” he keens plaintively over the sort of Early Learning Centre beats to have featured all-pervasively throughout In Our Heads. And dished out of his and into ours, it’s one to treasure up top.’

Watching The Wheels / A Stone In The Ground is expected April 15th on Moshi Moshi.

'Themselves hailing from south of the river, Hot Chip’s two shots at headlining what tonight feels an humongous O2 Academy Brixton pertain to the feel of celebratory homecoming. Familiar and indeed in some way familial almost, rather than plump for your conventional review format, I’ll here attempt to construct a persuasive piece concerning quite why Hot Chip would most probably be the best wedding band imaginable…’

Considering tying that ol’ knot? Allow us to recommend an evening’s entertainment from Hot Chip…