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A beautifully vibrant mess, stream Choreograph from precocious Chicagoan Gilligan Moss.

'So far as dainty NYC songstress Jamie Krasner, alias James K (RUM), may be concerned, it seems fairly apt that, given the woozy, whimsical nature of her work, her finest thus far should be entitled Drunktrack. For although a mightily refined piece that can only have been pieced together in a state of total sobriety, there’s a stupefied ethereality to it, too. Reminiscent of Bat for Lashes blotto on a particularly spiritous potion, or an elven Grimes creeping about beneath the potent throbs found underneath Bobby Krlic’s Haxan Cloak, Drunktrack from this month’s RUM EP makes for a truly intoxicating, if aptly disorienting listen that suggests Lorely Rodriguez may yet have some competition when it comes to becoming the Empress Of New York’s sensual synth-pop underbelly.’

'On the evidence of Glasser’s sophomore recording, Interiors, not only have her myriad contemporaries now caught up with her, but they’ve also surpassed her so far as artistic innovation may be concerned.’

Dots & Dashes review Glasser’s Interiors – a record which, given her mesmeric previous, ought to prove rather grounding for both artist and audience alike.

'Having previously collaborated with breezy Antipodean compatriots Sunny, who we shed a little light on a short while ago, San Mei this way comes with the weight of expectation looming large. And with her début single proper anticipated next month on budding London label Tidal Wave, Gold Coast aboriginal Emily Hamilton rides high on a crestfallen slab of ecstatic pop bluster in the becoming form of Brighter.

What with the CAPS-ADVOCATING likes of CHVRCHES, MØ and so on of course currently proving the soi-disant tastemakers’ tipple du jour, it would be all too easy for Hamilton to do battle, or rather grapple with their dangly coattails, although there’s far more ingenuity and with it guile to this lustrous glimmer of a doubtless luminous future to come. More closely aligned with Little Daylight’s bedazzling euphoria-cum-melancholia dichotomies, as Hamilton chimes ingenuously: “I want it, if you want it” I’d guess her blossoming musical progress is something we’re all weightily in favour of, though we’re only too content to watch the breezes in the meantime…’