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'Another Monday and to commemorate the crushing mundanity the day embodies with a most despairing inherence, we’re back here divulging a further ten tracks from our 2012 ranking. Our previous instalment took in a Fuck Button, the irrefutably inimitable Bobby Womack, and a lo-res JPG of a cat in a box. This one, meanwhile, clicks through a smattering of woebegone London lo-fi, a couple snared from the Captured Tracks roster, the inevitable Hot Chip entry, and something ever so slightly special from Sam Willis who was once, all in all, just another brick in Walls…'

Dots & Dashes’ Tracks of 2012: #21 – #30.

'Whatever may be going on in their respective brains, that which rings in your ears stays superb.'

Dots & Dashes review Hot Chip’s fifth full-length, In Our Heads

'Following on from the jubilant throbs and falsettos of Flutes, the reconvened Hot Chip are again on hand to proffer an insight into forthcoming fifth full-length In Our Heads (expected June 11th via Domino). Lead single Night and Day sees the five-piece return to firmer, more well-trodden ground, its freak-fi disco leanings propped up by an infectious frenzy redolent of Basement Jaxx’ Rooty. It also documents a return to the steel pans that sumptuously punctuated One Life Stand. Taylor’s at the forefront, duetting with all manner of contorted vocals and salacious grunts of “OK, OK; You know I’m thinkin’ ‘bout you”, whilst Joe Goddard’s welcomingly lethargic interjections of “You got me workin’ night and day” inject a little tranquility into the overriding delirium of the track. Seemingly a calculated attempt to reconcile the perplexity to face any and every DJ – the dichotomy between work and play – lyrically, it’s as intriguing as anything Taylor’s penned for some time: “If I could be inside you darling/ At the centre of your life” he coos pseudo-sentimentally one moment before pausing for an amusing monologue of sorts: “I don’t got no ABBA/ I don’t play no Gabba/ I like Zapp; not Zappa/ So please quit your jibber-jabber/ I’ve just lined up Macca/ We’re not in Ayia Napa/ Do I look like a rapper?/ Do I look like a rapper?” Knowingly sardonic, that these lines are delivered with a hip-hop lilt and that Taylor may be seen adorned in the attire pictured above locate him ever closer to Akira The Don than never before.’

Emerging amidst a mist of warped vocals that sound as though leeked [sic] from some vicked lost M.I.A. mixtape, Flutes is the lead single from the rabidly anticipated fifth full-length, In Our Heads (June 11th), from new Domino recruits Hot Chip. Accompanied by the head-spinning, studio-shot vid below a vigorous chord progression reminiscent of No Fit State soon permeates prior to Alexis Taylor reeling off a series of instructional orders as if auditioning for his very own cardio workout VHS. With The 2 Bears and New Build disappointing somewhat, it’s thankfully now set once more to be all about this group…