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'Of course going renegade at gigs and reneging on recording contracts was always going to make Sacramento antagonists Death Grips out to be the most (at least superficially) unruly miscreants of an experimental hip hop scene woefully lacking in these sorts of heedlessly acerbic characters. Most so-called ensembles belonging to said hashed-up genre categorisation could make the likes of So Solid Crew seem a sort of Machiavellian Outlawz redux, but this continually uncompromising Californian clan – led of course by the ever enigmatic Stefan Burnett – seem the real deal in terms of attitude, if not always musical outpour. Though to do away with recent controversies a moment, as this morning’s more eager beavers awake, the worm worth the catching is Birds – an unanticipated return, and with that a return to form from these twisted firestarters.

Scrapping the caustic toxicity endemic throughout much of the similarly unannounced NØ LØV∑ D∑∑P W∏B album of yesteryear and instead favouring (dare I say it) an actual melody, a stupefied if still devilish Burnett may snarl: “I’VE GOT THIS ATTITUDE AT ALL TIMES”, frequent cris de cœur of “FUCK YOU” interpolated in a relatively sedate mix by their altogether acidic standards. Though there’s a truly uncharacteristic alacrity at play, chirpy noodling buoying the mood with breezy abandon. Sure, there’s the closing salvo that goes: “FUCK THIS BIRD BITCH DRINK THIS BLEACH” though in toning things down a touch and stripping away some of the trademark mordancy, Death Grips are exposed for what we first took them for – a pretty invigorating trio, furrowing a field infested with an ingenuity only they know.’

'They alas, neglect to conclude with the forever sumptuous Add Ends, thus suggesting that the habits cited during alternative closer Slave To The Take In Your Heaven perhaps never die quite so hard as expected though regardless, encaged by these four darkened walls, they again liberate a rare brilliance like no other.'

Dots & Dashes review When Saints Go Machine again, as they commemorate the release of third full-length Infinity Pool down in the depths of Concrete.

'For a band to have wreaked such consistent havoc across 2012, MC Ride and his Death Grips cronies have been disquietingly quiet thus far this year though it would appear they’ve merely been biding their time, the vitriol swilled in their gizzards intensifying all the while and they’re now ready to erupt. First up and thus on the tip of the torrents of bile now sure to spew is this overwrought rework of The Prodigy’s itself acutely acerbic Firestarter, which has been afforded a grizzly soundclash redux. It’s been rendered petrifying as Exmilitary full pelt and played in meticulous synchronicity with NØ LØV∑ D∑∑P W∏B, demonstrating an absolute disregard for humanity and the hearing thereof. Which will thus most likely ignite the filthy infatuation of yesteryear all over again…’

Death Grips play The Forum May 2nd ahead of TV On The Radio’s ATP Curation.

'There was a grim irony to the demise of The Stool Pigeon earlier on in the year, such was the hyperbolic doom mongering assumed to speak of the then lingering uncertainties over the future of All Tomorrow’s Parties – a once in a lifetime kinda festival held in dilapidated holiday camps across Southern England, if you’ve not yet been. That is to say that mercifully, though the ‘Pigeon may have croaked it, organisers Barry Hogan and Deborah Kee Higgins live on to call upon variegated curators once more, thus making ATP so much more than an in every respect one-time jamboree. You’re doubtless already aware of May’s I’ll Be Your Mirror – a two-day shindig at the height of Alexandra Park, London which is to be headed up by the returning Yeah Yeah Yeahs and widely lionised Warpsters Grizzly Bear – though that tad deeper into the now imminent summer months reside two further three-dayers down on the South Coast. Taking place at Pontins, Camber Sands (a venue which, by ATP’s own admission, is ‘getting along in years’ and is ‘obviously not Club Med’) the two estival weekenders will be the third and fourth to take place down beside this particular bit of scummy seaside since December’s relocation for their Shellac and The National curations.

So great British meteorological caprice aside, both should (though more probably only could) be sun-speckled affairs but with events transpiring exclusively indoors, there is to be no rain on the respective multicoloured musical parades of either TV On The Radio or Deerhunter. The former take the reins over the weekend of May 10th–12th, while Bradford Cox’ latter do the honours June 21st–23rd and are to perform seminal contemporary recordings Cryptograms, Microcastle and Halcyon Digest in full on each of the three evenings. It is elsewhere, however, that both bills begin to take alluring forms.

Dave Sitek et al. favour a more energetic flair, with acerbic hip hop the genre des trois jours: kingpins De La Soul and DOOM loom large over the likes of El-P, the newly announced Death Grips and Saul Williams, while respite is to be provided by Ruban Nielson’s Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Nona Marie Invie’s Dark Dark Dark, only for the irrepressibly ebullient !!! to ratchet it right back on up again with an indefatigable dance vim. We ought then, at this juncture, not only condone heading southwards in the first instance, but so too heading to see washed out New Mexico duo North America, as well as Baltimore’s latest muzzy dream-pop ensemble, Celebration. And that’s about that for the first weekend…

For it’s that compiled dual-handedly by Bradford Cox I full well imagine which is that bit more enticing still, for not only is he performing nowhere short of four times (inclusive of a rare Atlas Sound outing) but so too The Breeders are to do Last Splash in full. Other than that, there’s to be ruination from Black Dice and rather more melodious rumination courtesy of Noah Lennox’ Panda Bear getup. Fellow AnCo critter Avey Tare also features on a line up elsewhere comprising Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier, a collaboration between Kim Gordon, Ikue Mori and Bill Nace, and experimental rabble-rousers Pere Ubu. Though most pertinently, none other than neo-classical luminary Steve Reich is to team up with The London Sinfonietta to recite a clutch of his defining compositional pieces, including Clapping Musicand Electric Counterpoint.

I’ve yet to absorb that particular piece of news fully, though the above makes the two line ups now read as below:

ATP Weekend 1 Curated By TV On The Radio

TV On The RadioDe La SoulDOOMDeath GripsSpank RockWhy?El-P!!!Saul WilliamsTinariwenCSS & DoseoneShabazz PalacesThee Oh SeesAntibalasDaniel HiggsDragons Of ZynthLight AsylumCelebrationTalibam!Lone Wolf & CubDark Dark DarkNorth AmericaUnknown Mortal OrchestraBouquet.

ATP Weekend 2 Curated By Deerhunter

Deerhunter performing CryptogramsMicrocastle and Halcyon Digest & The Breeders performing Last SplashSteve Reich & The London Sinfonietta & Tom Tom Club & Atlas SoundRhys Chatham with OneidaPanda BearRobyn HitchcockKim Gordon, Ikue Mori & Bill NaceJames, Roj & JulianWilliam BasinskiAvey TarePere Ubu & Dan DeaconBlack DiceTim GaneLaetitia SadierNo AgeBlack LipsEx Models feat. Kid MillionsSamara LubelskiBlues Control with LaraajiEric Isaacson.

Information on both curations can be found over at the official All Tomorrow’s Parties site, with TVOTR ticket options here and Deerhunter equivalents here.