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Blog: JUCE, Braindead.

First Transmission: JUCE, Call You Out.

Suburban chic that’s grandiose as any which megapolis, stream Easy Yoke from enigmatic Loiner producer, Favela.

'Remember the summer of '98? When all great stuff seemed French? From la Coupe du monde to Music Sounds Better With You, the season was more or less synonymous with a Francophilic rêve, and it thus feels pretty fitting that nascent Anglo-French troupe The Night VI should cover Stardust’s one, and indeed only hit of that same year. Le choix de harpist and interdisciplinary visual artiste Anna Pesquidous, and itself a reconstruction of Chaka Khan’s Fate, lyrics from which are here interpolated pretty nimbly, Music Sounds Better With You is the third of a set of six newfangled interpretations that already includes revisions of Jeff Buckley’s Lover, You Should’ve Come Over and Marvin Gaye’s You’re All I Need To Get By. Though most pertinently, it’s their most spangly yet, Sophie-Rose Harper’s languid vocal delivery a seductive match for Jack Gourlay’s chic (read: Chic) guitar shimmying. Bassist Bogart Giner, yes, Bogart Giner holds a masterful grasp on Bangalter’s archetypally robust bass undertones, with the rework further decorated by subtle twinkles courtesy of Pesquidous herself, to make for a quietly intricate, even immensely adroit version that couldn’t sound more contemporary were Nile Rodgers to replace Gourlay.’