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Knees dusted down and trawling of NW1 done for the foreseeable, Dots & Dashes review The Camden Crawl, featuring a double dosage from ‘unarguably “cheeky chappy”’ Baxter Dury, a spot of Nordic delight from Team Me, the ‘ethnic phonetics’ of Zun Zun Egui, and retrospective wonders from Race Horses amongst others…

Review: Saturday, 5th May / Sunday, 6th May.
Gallery: Saturday, 5th May / Sunday, 6th May.

Camden Crawl, 6th May 2012.

Camden Crawl, 5th May 2012.

'Ahead of [Record Store / Satur]day sevens and splits are everywhere and the latest from Manc micro label Icecapades (they who enlightened with both Pregnant’s Life Hard: I Try and Feel Right’s North West), although outed two days later, comprises these two very elements. The flipside features the now-defunct Daily Life sounding a little like Crystal Stilts and a lot like pre-Post Break-Up Sex The Vaccines although it’s the face with the grin spelling out Sex Hands that’s got our interest aroused. Ichiban recalls Nirvana’s About a Girl pummelled through one of those beaten up soda cans that trail in the wake of rickety wedding cars and although allegedly inspired by the obvious dross of Friends (sitcom; not band) it sounds more like inebriated amigos-cum-enemies brawling atop some bottle-strewn bar Deep down South. It’s proceeded by the yelp-laden brilliance of Way, No Way that sounds as though it’s supposed to be set to rotate at around 85rpm and swivels on lo-fi stridency. However tragically, that their side winds up in a touch over six minutes means it comes to a cataclysmic termination all too soon.’

Sex Hands play next month’s Camden Crawl…