“The whole concept of the EP is actually about driving from Cardiff, where I live, up to Northumberland, and to a place called Bamburgh Castle, and then back again. So it tracks that voyage: the first song is a kind of traffic report from Cardiff, and it then tracks the different things we meet along the way. There are quite a few instrumental numbers too, which are supposed to evoke the people we meet, or imagined scenes that we experience along the road.”

‘And, in spite of the quality intrinsic to Stephen Black’s every number – instrumental or otherwise – scribed under the guise of Sweet Baboo, it’s one contained within his upcoming Motorhome Songs EP, You Are The Best Beach That I Know, that may be the best we’ve yet known of him. A syncopated waltz of sorts, it hears Black at his most emotive, almost crooning of his dearly beloved atop lilting Americana guitar lines: “You are a courageous mountain goat/ You could floor a panther with just one blow.” The track centres around the refrain, “When you are lying here with me”, Stephen then applying the tender remark to all sorts of fanciful scenarios. "There’s always an element of wonder there" he said when we spoke a short while ago, and certainly by the time he sighs: “You are wild honey, you are a bee/ You are a swarm, and hive, and buzzy/ In fact, your buzz helps me to sleep/ When you are lying here with me, here with me”, the effect is overtly fantastical as it is outwardly fantastic.’

Sweet Baboo’s Motorhome Songs EP is anticipated November 11th via Moshi Moshi.

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