'Other than their estimable soundtracking of Fabrice Gobert's Les Revenants – an itself decidedly sedate oeuvre by the Glaswegians’ own uproarious standards – Mogwai have been decidedly quiet of late. Disquietingly so even, which renders their atypically progressive return all the more riveting: entitled Remurdered, the below six-and-a-bit have been lifted from the post-rock behemoths’ latest studio full-length effort, Rave Tapes. And although they don’t themselves make for the consummate soundtrack to fluorescent woodland (aural) orgies nor an evening spent licking the walls of Fabric for necessary excess moisture, the Kraut influence is strong in this one as the Scots eschew their trademark tripartite guitar onslaughts, in favour of somersaulting synth undulations led by the snickering of mischievous hi-hats. Indeed, although impenetrably murky at points and distinctly premonitory throughout, there’s a rare frisk to Remurdered as machines gambol and drums growl, the sense of sonic gamble winsomely vindicated within minutes. For direct and with that drastically appealing, Remurdered is the sound of Mogwai remodelling their gloriously murderous soundscapist tropes, in order that they may at last slice open a whole new allure.’

Rave Tapes is anticipated January 20th on Rock Action Records, while Mogwai play ATP’s End Of An Era Part 2 at the end of next month.