'Whether singing incongruously chirpy songs concerning “the University of Wales’ electronic library systems” or employing throwback vocoders with increasing frequency, the disparity between the tragically silent Super Furry Animals and compatriot Stephen Black's Sweet Baboo offspring appears to be diminishing all the while. Which is a wholly positive thing, made manifest in the consummately domestic Motoring Home. “Tapedeck’s fixed in place, and the oil’s been checked and changed/ And the bodywork is as good as new, and the engine’s finely tuned” Black begins, unable to contain his excitement in what soon becomes a fictitious charm offensive geared toward getting his beloved out from the notoriously tricky Holiday Inn booking form, and into the back of a dilapidated camper van. “I found a motor home, and a long stretch of straight road/ Babe, let’s up sticks and go” he soothes almost dolefully, as though awaiting rejection having driven down what sounds a proverbial dead end. Jeremy Clarkson & co. this ain’t, although what the song without question represents is a further maturation from one of the great British raconteurs of recent times. “The dining space is plenty big/ And the dashboard glows and grins” he continues, so hop on in and gear up to gleam from ear to ear…’

Sweet Baboo’s Motorhome Songs EP – ‘the soundtrack to a fictional road-trip Stephen Black made with his family earlier this year’ – is released November 11th via moshi moshi.

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