'I've always found for there to be a comparatively strong correlation between the art-rock fancies of Kevin Barnes’ unapologetically egomaniacal of Montreal endeavours, and cadet Nick Thorburn’s space-bopping, genre-hopping Islands project. (Thorburn’s originating in Montréal may be cited as motive, I suppose.) And it thus seems apt that both should’ve deigned to usher us into new material just yesterday, with the former unveiling the Bradford Cox-aping fugitive air and the latter coming up with the considerably preferable below.

Entitled Wave Forms and obviously aptly released via the band’s newfangled SoundCloud – it’s thereby visually portrayed itself as a wave form of sorts – if it’s a sonically celebratory affair, then lyrically it tells a seemingly more premonitory tale. “I won’t ride another wave, and I won’t write another word after today” Thorburn begins, so apparently disenchanted with life and the entire band lifestyle. He continues, voicing sensations of feeling “adrift amidst an endless sea” with his wry delivery buoyed only by Motown bass ploddery. Of course perturbingly from the perspective of stalwart disciples worldwide, Thorburn’s disillusionment with the industry is already renowned and arguably never before has it been so openly exhibited as it is here. (That Wave Forms should open up the québécois’ forthcoming fifth, Ski Mask, only intimates toward there being yet more tempestuous blizzards ahead.) But the song also explicitly portrays all that’s so admirable, and indeed innovatory of Islands: that so many disparate sonic directions – from pseudo-tropical marimba plinks, to pop hooks themselves crystalline as most coral waters – can converge in this effervescent melting pot of ultimate vibrancy is to Thorburn’s inordinate credit. And for this, we can but hope the Ski Mask is fitted with rose-tinted lenses…’

Ski Mask is anticipated September 16th on Thorburn’s very own Manqué imprint.

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