'Last night a DJ saved my life. It was all within the context of a damn nebulous dream I ought add, in which Daphni restrainedly slew Primavera Sound. I guess it was a foggy illusion prompted by this belated onset of springtime, though it made me long to loll about Barça with a caña in one hand and slacker excellence in both ears posthaste.

Philadelphian brother/ sister setup Great Thunder shan’t be over in Cataluña next month – or at least I’m not aware of them being in an in any way professional capacity – though they distil that keen aesthetic of the festival down into 20-odd minutes over the duration of their luminously enlightening Strange Kicks EP. They do so diligently, with an inspiratory disregard for that same professionalism aforementioned which makes for a pretty invigorating listen with regard to the scatterbrained nonchalance they call upon. I mean there can be no better denouement than a lo-fi rethink of Mazzy Star’s Fade Into You replete with skittish drum machines and languid slide guitar, though it’s where the recording conversely begins that has us hooked as we’ll surely be to the old Estrella Damm in but a few short, and perhaps even sun-dappled weeks. It’s an opener entitled Kees, which is sung by the K of the enigmatically named K and K with the XX chromosomes, and clatters dizzily like a dilapidated apartment sat inertly beside a steadily buckling railroad. There’s even what sounds a fairly thinly veiled tribute to Blind Melon’s No Rain in the closing stages, just to nail on the instant infatuation. There’s no thunder without lightning, and the sibs may yet set 2013 aflame…’