'Were I stranded in an endless desert with nothing but a strand-addled Discman for company while I were left with nothing to do but lose my marbles one by one with every minute seeming a year and my tongue increasingly becoming coarse as sandpaper, I'd want desert rock to play on in the backdrop ‘til my inevitable demise. And on that merry note, I’d perhaps opt for something somewhere or other along the dustbowl-rolling lines of Minneapolis thrash. pop. gaze trio Gospel Gossip who, led by Sarah Nienaber, whip up a quiet maelstrom of Americana, melancholia and infinite languor. Except You bears semblance to those most downcast of shoegaze LPs of yore, though the pedalboard bluster is here masterfully filtered through a viscid impression of untied States, lugubrious disentanglement and societal decay. One day the US will be returned to the sanded rubble from whence it came, and then (and alas, perhaps only then) will the Gospel Gossip according to Sarah be rightfully treasured for what it is – a glinting nugget of smudged optimism, and a scintillating glimmer of hope for everything somehow; someday turning out alright.’

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