'For a band self-professedly “born to sin”, irrepressibly prolific Portland trio The Thermals¬†can quite conversely seemingly do no wrong. And with their sixth full-length Desperate Ground now looming large upon the horizon and with the gloriously sonorous¬†Born To Kill still ringing in our ears, we’ve a sinuous second hunk to feast upon over the Easter weekend. The Sunset is a typically visceral, puff-chested chunk of buoyant punk during which Hutch Harris staunchly avows that “the sunsets won’t pass me by again” ad infinitum in that inimitably wry vocal dryness of his though more auspicious still is the way in which he and Kathy Foster have rather apparently begun to really click with Westin Glass on a record that already sounds a prerequisite for an alright springtime.’

Desperate Ground is anticipated April 15th on Saddle Creek.

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