'Consider this the cursory small print, if you will: we this morning published a review condemning the derivative nature of the début full-length from Californian hi-fi psych squad Feeding People in which, in short, we explicated the reasons as to why Island Universe was one we didn’t find to be as “perfectly aligned” as the stars so tenderly cited by Jessie Jones on the below title track. It’s a stodgy hodgepodge of confounding influences compounded down into an album that is, at times, almost as though entirely indigestible – an exhausting listening experience. Though in doing so, we neglected to pick this one out for the special attention it so thoroughly deserves. It’s probably a direct consequence of frequently overindulging in contemporary shoegaze so that when a gauzy, stargazing waltz such as this appears upon the horizon it lamentably goes unsighted. I mean it’s kinda nigh on perfect, the nebulous whirr of a revved up Hammond organ set to snarl quite subtly beneath Jones’ bluesy, dustbowl drawl. And so although the album itself may have awkwardly drifted awry into an Island Universe parallel to my comprehension of aural pleasure, I’d implore you richly gorge on this – its most delectable slive. We’re all only “young and naïve” anyways, right?’

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