'Minnesota baroque-pop ensemble Dark Dark Dark long ago installed themselves in the warmest chambers of my vital organs, and I couldn’t spurt praise effusive enough of either their latest, Who Needs Who, or indeed their carnivalesque live show to do the infatuation justice. Theirs is a singular, and sporadically esoteric hex and one I’ve yet to shake so this one – their contribution to next month’s Record Store Day – is nothing if not a timely reminder of my dedication to that unerring devotion. I’ve always found Record Store Day to be something of a disorientating experience, not least as there’s so much stuff to lust after and so little time to snap it up before it ends up, somewhat inevitably, on eBay. But a longstanding live fave, this one heads up my list of essential acquisitions and is to be backed up by a further couple things in Love Lies and I Collect Things. They’re as yet inaudible though this, a dizzying whizz back through widely recognised musical histories – honky-tonk, doo-wop, off-kilter jazz pitter-patter, etcetera – is one to waltz with right through April 20th. And though Nona Marie Invie may chime, “And if I knew then/ What I know now/ I would never have asked/ Anything like that” it would appear that she’s only too aware of this elaborate plundering of the past though when they’re so capable of reproducing in the present, that’s really of little concern. And only in knowing that which she does now can she and they continue to produce these quietly affecting sorts of things…’

Dark Dark Dark play TV On The Radio’s ATP curation May 10th–12th.