'Medically speaking, I can't think of many things more repugnant than Black Pus which therefore seems a fairly apt moniker for revered Lightning Bolt drummer and general heck-raiser Brian Chippendale to have assumed for his gruesome solo endeavours. For musically speaking, both Lightning Bolt and Black Pus are thoroughly ruinous. They demonstrate a negligible (to no) regard for convention nor comfort, to instead thunder out hellacious tides of whitish noise and glitchy dementia. 1000 Years sounds like a fatal eruption in a dilapidated plasticine factory and though abrasive dissonance incarnate, it makes for a strangely compelling listen. An addictive one, almost in that same way that once you’ve shoved a rusted sledgehammer through a liquid crystal display you’re likely to want to do it to the entire stockroom of a PC World the next time you find yourself out in one of those grossly deserted trading estates.’

1000 Years is extracted from Chippendale’s forthcoming All My Relations LP, expected March 18th on Thrill Jockey.

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