'Following on from the rather more conceptual Für Hildegard von Bingen, that genial ol’ indie genie Devendra Banhart returns with Never Seen Such Good Things – a song which, despite the bedazzling optimism intrinsic to its title, concerns the dissolution of a nonspecific amour that deteriorates to the point at which “if we ever make sweet love again/ I’m sure that it will be quite disgusting.” Musically redolent of America’s quietly seminal sophomore effort Homecoming, it’s the aural epitome of that summery point at which you irremediably sever ties and scuff your heels all the way home along the hard shoulder – jacket defiantly flung back over your shoulder. Though most pertinently, when filed alongside Für Hildegard von Bingen, although not quite the best thing Banhart has yet conjured (that’ll surely always be Rejoicing in the Hands) it makes his forthcoming eighth full-length Mala out to be a rather enticing proposition indeed. “Love, you’re a strange fella.”’

Mala is anticipated March 11th on Nonesuch Records.

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