'Contrary to accepted online etiquette, the Google-eyed GIFs of cats in miscellaneous hats don't quite do it for me. That much has already been previously made clear and, as such, that this one from L.A. producer and allround wunderkind imprintafter is down as cat-wave in the Soundcloud tags doesn’t immediately endear. That which does, however, is that this hip hop-infected slab of languid funk is also down as Winston Churchillwave, and can indeed be deemed one of the finest belated estival jams heard this side of this summer’s BestivalThe immaculately tailored title track off a free whole album thang you’d really wanna be downloading without further ado, it’s lo-fi suavity bundled up in an unblemished tux and shipped out to swoon. Duly, we’ll be spinning these pristine disco throwdowns almost uninterrupted whilst we flick through these more gloomy of seasons.’

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