'Given that it’s been so long since Reznor has released something designed purely to be listened to rather than to accompany visuals – video gaming or otherwise – it is a little disappointing to see a scant six tracks arrive in your inbox following the $5 purchase necessary to hear the latest output. However, How to destroy angels_ promise a follow-up LP in early 2013 and it is fair to say that Reznor has been a fairly busy boy these past two years, what with soundtracking two films, a video game, creating some new Beats with Dr. Dre, and making a couple of babies. Whilst Pitchfork would have you believe that Reznor recorded this EP in between smoking cigars with Gordon Gekko in a boardroom somewhere (since apparently “doing what interests you” when you’re over 40 just isn’t in line with what the bedsit-indie 99% are musically fighting for in this day and age), it is better to critique this EP with regard to Reznor’s desired achievements of late, which are as simple as the answer to one question: is it interesting?’

Dots & Dashes review An omen_, the sophomore EP from Trent Reznor’s How to destroy angels_

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