'Nothing prompts you to realise your own insignificance upon the surface of an unfathomably enormous world quite like an Olympics, and with London silenced but for the frantic tapping of keys in largely futile, yet quietly confident hope (a hallmark of the British MO, one may say) of cumulating any old ticket we're well and truly under way. And, astonishingly, this land of juxtaposed pastures green and dark, satanic mills; of tawdry, exorbitant penthouses and clustered council housing appears to be doing OK under the scrutinising gaze of unified existence. Of course King's Cross is more of a mess than the FIGC and Olympic titans China and America have already amassed an unassailable lead in the mound of scintillating medal stakes although seeing the streets awash with Union Jack aflutter and experiencing all sporting enthusiasm united borders on becoming something veritably rousing.'

Here’s why I no longer have it in for the ‘Games, and here’s Underworld’s Caliban’s Dream:

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