Fresh from BRIT Award triumph Albarn’s at it again, releasing DoYaThing; a new one from his supposedly now-defunct Gorillaz masquerade. Released in collaboration with Converse’s Three Artists, One Song series (the sports hall screechers for whom animator Jamie Hewlett has designed a range of Gorillaz-inspired Chuck Taylors), DoYaThing features James Murphy of similarly “retired” LCD Soundsystem infamy and Andre 3000, the estranged Outkast oddball who’s been all too absent from airwaves and iPhones over the past clutch of years.

The track itself begins with a warbling chord reminiscent of Justin Timberlake’s sultry Señorita number, its lingering nature perpetuating the suspense that’s already enshrouded this release before Albarn breaks into one of his typically gawky raps à la Feel Good Inc., garbling on about being “a pale imitator”, “a boy in the sky” over synth plonks redolent of the block-haired Daley-featuring Doncamatic. Murphy chips in with a freakish falsetto chorus, before 3000 pumps a suitable sense of the surreal into proceedings as he blurts rhymes of “onomatopoeia”; doing your “dang thing”, doing your thang-a-thang; and Zoo Atlanta’s tragically deceased silverback gorilla Willie B.

Stream/ download the ‘Thing via Converse…

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