A couple weeks back a couple remixes of tracks once entangled in the globular glory of Battles’ Gloss Drop were reinterpreted by both Gui Borrato and The Field for the first 12” in their Dross Glop┬áseries. The second release, it’s now been revealed, features Kode9 assaulting Africastle and The Alchemist taking down Futura, while yet another particularly radical overhaul is delivered courtesy of Sup Pop’s ‘avant rap' free hip-hop pairing, Shabazz Palaces:┬ádecelerating White Electric to a sluggish groan that’s equipped with chilled-lip moans, the ‘Palaces provide a startlingly grizzly interpretation of a once-vibrant chocolate sprinkle of a track.

Dross Glop 2 is released February 20th, while Battles have been announced as part of the initial Bloc. line up┬áscheduled to take place on July 6th-7th.

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